These are the Sponsors Rich had deals with to advertise them in his videos before showing the intro guy.

Hauppauge Sponsored Rich for a like a day or two until dropping him for his shady shit. Rich threatened to sue for dropping him.

Hauppauge logo

Shadow's Government detatched by Rich after Shadow's Criminal Record was made public. Rich used Shadow's Goverment to attempt to dox trolls.


LootCrate Dropped Rich for his feminism remarks. He accused LootCrate of censorship.


StoneAgeGamer Unknown but it is implied that Rich was dropped by StoneAgeGamer possibly for his Shadow's Government Sponsorship. Some say he was never sponsored by StoneAgeGamer. Rich hasn't mentioned them in a long ass time.


Dollar Shave Club


Dropped because ReviewHellUSA messaged the reps at Dollar Shave Club about Rich's previous affiliation with Shadow's Government, Rich made a Pokemon Go video with the ad for Dollar Shave Club. But when Dollar Shave Club dropped him he removed the video and reuploaded without the ad for Dollar Shave Club. Later Rich tweeted to Ryan Morrison an Attorney who handles legal matter for youtubers and Twitch users.