Ralph was a stalker Richie (what Ralph referred to him as) had that sounded like Gary Oldman's character from Silence of The Lambs Hannibal. Ralph was a patient of psychiatry clinic Rich worked for that Rich thought at first was a prank caller. Ralph obsessively called Rich to hang out to get coffee. If Richie never answered his phone Ralph would just keep calling until Richie answered his phone. If Richie ever freaked out Ralph would mention how Richie should speak to him nicely and/or calm down. For a while the calls went on a hiatus.....until Rich answered the office phone at work. Not to also mention the night prior Richie had checked the messages from patients in which Richie had kinda forgot out Ralph and thought of him as just some prank caller Ralph left a message for his doctor after Richie asked Ralph's doctor the doctor replied confirming that Ralph's voice is his real voice and Ralph's got mental issues. Richie also mentioned confidentiality as the reason why when he had the info to file a report but didn't despite the fact Ralph's doctor wasn't at liberty to mention Ralph to anyone besides the police and a judge in a courtroom. Yes there was a first time Richie tried to file a police report but since Richie wasn't able to provide info and Ralph never threatened him his fat ass had to deal with the fact he had a male stalker. When Richie was being bothered again Richie he lost his mind freaking out and swearing at Ralph on the phone in a pizza place. Eventually Richie went lulz killer and filed a police report and from that day forward the lulz ended.