RTU Critic/ReviewHellUSA

Rtu critic

was a huge contributor in exposing the fat fuck known as Rich of ReviewTechUSA. The best known he's known for is the Top 20 ReviewTechUSA Fraud Fails where 20 controversial things FatAssTechUSA is known for. When RTU Critic was flagged by Rich's 12 year old loser fanboys Top 20 ReviewTechUSA Fraud Fails was reuploaded in mass to prevent the video from being lost forever. Becky Boop (Rich's second lover) also conditioned her 12 year old fans to false flag RTU Critic after going out of her way with NO knowledge of what shit she was getting involved with. Now RTU Critic is gone and will probably never come back because of that fat loser, his second lover and their fans.

Ivona voices RTU Critic used

As us trolls know our one golden rule we should use Text To Speech to conceal our voices unless we don't care about our voices being heard. RTU Critic has used many voices of the ivona voice Text To Speech program. Many British and American English female voices were used in videos reading the comments and tweets towards Richie. However there's the usual voices that were frequent in many videos are the following.

Australian English Nicole RTU Critc

British English Brian ReviewHellUSA

American English Eric Reading Rich's Tweets, Messages and posts

American English Joey Reading Tweets by Keemstar, DSPGaming, and Mundane Matt

American English Justin Reading fan tweets and reading the messages John (an autistic 16 year old Rich threatened and manipulated)