Big Cheese is the famous youtuber who was scammed by a fat walrus named Richard Massucci.


In the year 2014 a white obese youtuber Rich of ReviewTechUSA made a deal with some small minor youtuber Big CheeseBig Cheese was also obese youtuber, but unlike Rich, he was not white, but black. well I mean afroamerican so called; a specie of another race; once a slave. So Cheese offered to give his PC to Rich of ReviewTechUSA for 6 months of advertising his channel and mere $200. So they both agreed to this deal and Cheese sent his PC to Rich and Rich started to advertise Big Cheese's channel in the end of his videos.
Everything went nicely at first. Rich advertised Cheese's channel at the end of his videos as agreed (most of us obviously skipped that crap and nobody really cared about some minor youtube channel advertised at the end of the video) for some time. But things went bad when Big Cheese asked to pay him his $200 which he rightfully deserved. And then Rich of ReviewTechUSA shown his true greedy face. He refused to pay and offered to send back Cheese's PC to Big Cheese. But Big Cheese obviously wasn't happy about that and demanded his hard earned $200. and this is how Cheddargrate Scandal of 2014 happened. Both obese youtubers started to fight through the facebook for $200 which they both wanted badly. Big Cheese even said that his wife was sick, obviously to dramatize the situation even more. Later drama went all over the youtube. They published a lot of dramatic videos exposing each other, one of them was "Rich of ReviewTechUSA Unprofessional Businessman w/ Evidence" followed by even more drama video, such as "apology" video, "apology accepted" video and later all these videos been deleted, because both obese youtubers probably realized that they look like two dumb overdramatic bitches fighting for a cock, so they just destroyed all the evidence and hoped that peoples will forget all this drama shit. Unfortunately, peoples did not forget. Peoples still remember it and even worse - reminding all this shit, that ended months ago, in the comment sections of every video of  Rich of ReviewTechUSA. The amount of trolls are huge, until the point where Big Cheese $200 comments overwhelms regular comments, and looks like they're not going to stop anytime soon. However Rich tried to BS you into thinking him and Big Cheese are cool with each other.